TL;DR — There’s a good chance we’ve already seen the bottom. Regardless, you should start investing now.

Before I dive into the unpopular opinion on why we’ve hit the bottom of the market in March, let’s first discuss the popular opinion that stocks will head much lower, as they did…

TL;DR — The Big Trade

This past Monday, I sold the remainder of my tech positions that have benefited significantly from work-from-home (e.g. Wayfair, Peloton, Match Group, etc.) and have started buying travel stocks (e.g. Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, United Airlines).

I’ll explain my rationale and assumptions below.

New COVID Case Growth Drives Performance of Travel and Technology Stocks

If you read any news…

TL;DR — They own 5 of the 7 most popular dating apps in the US, including Tinder and Hinge, and they’re just getting started.

When I think about investing in technology companies, I generally look for businesses with moats that get bigger with scale, in industries that are rapidly growing…

TL;DR — Square’s Cash App has strong growth potential. However, Square’s eroding unit economics should create caution for investors.

Square Enables Businesses to Accept Payments

Founded in 2009, Square was a pioneer in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to accept payments. …

TL;DR — The Most Well-Diversified Company in the World, with a World-Class CEO, Leads the Charge in the Age of Data

Microsoft’s 2019 Revenue By Product/Service

Microsoft’s FY2019 Revenue (Fiscal Year Ends June 30th, 2019). I made this pie chart using the company’s latest 10-K

Microsoft Touches Everything in the World and Is Poised to Dominate in the Age of Data

Think for a second how often you interact with a Microsoft product on a daily basis.

  • If you visit a website, there’s a good chance that it’s running on…

TL;DR — Virtual desktops (Citrix, VMWare) and Platform Vendors (Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet) look like attractive plays

Imagine you’re driving a car and all of a sudden, you’ve taken your foot off the gas pedal. The car continues to coast before coming to a stop. Using this hypothetical example, the…

TL;DR — Here’s a way to 2x — 3x your money in 2–3 years.

Before I get into the “lottery tickets”, let’s walk through some simple arithmetic.

The Math

Entry Points are an important consideration when investing in today’s market. What does that mean? Say you have a stock that was trading…

Lawrence Han

Technology Investor

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